getting it done

Support Tenino Food Bank !

Help us provide nutritious food to our clients by donating items
on this list. Look for the DONATE OFTEN tag next to these items in
the store. By donating foods low in sugar, sodium and saturated
fat you are supporting community health and helping our clients


Pantry Staples:


Canned beans, low sodium
Canned fruit in water or
100% juice
Canned meats, low sodium
packed in water
Canned soups, low sodium
Tomato sauce
Nut butters

Rice (brown & white)
Whole grain pastas
Chickpea/lentil pasta
Shelf stable milk
Shelf stable non-dairy milk
Bottled water

Single Serving Items:

Cereal Bars (low sugar)
Fruit Cups (in juice)
Dried Fruit

Granola/Protein Bars
(low sugar)
Jam Packets
Pop-top Cans


Tenino Community Service Center has partnered with Tenino Market Fresh, Washington Food Coalition, Heart Association, to provide better understanding of what foods to buy for food banks and for personal choices. They are implementing the SWAP (Supporting Wellness at Pantries) program through a partnerships in Tenino Market Fresh to help spread the word about the program.

Tenino is known for thinking outside the box (hence wooden money during COVID) and the Tenino Community Service Center (TCSC) is no different. Therefore, as TCSC's needed to think outside the food pantry box as we are a drive up and delivery only food bank we went directly to the grocer to help folks make better choices for themselves and for food bank donations. Nutrition is very important for everyone especially those facing food shortfalls at home. These selections are done through Use the Healthy Eating Research Nutritional Guidelines for the Charitable Food System (HER), based on the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. The signs/codes will be shown and explained and then placed on foods that are healthy to donate to the food bank.