Tenino Community Service Center is thrilled to announce we have received a grant through WSDA (Washington State Department of Agriculture) to help kick off a new program that will positively impact the communities of Tenino and Bucoda. TCSC has been working to implement a program by partnering with Tenino School District and Morningside employment. We are very excited that TCSC will be able to hire part-time Tenino students just coming out of high school and, in the future, those still in high school within the special education program the identify as special needs.

Working closely with Morningside employment agency, we have hired our first recent Tenino graduate student, Korbin Pearson. We are pleased to bring Korbin into the adult workforce on his level. TCSC is dedicated to servicing the community of Tenino/Bucoda and the surrounding area, allowing us to grow as the community grows. Providing employment that meets his abilities for success, heightened self-esteem, community, ownership, accountability, and being a productive member of society.

These students would be working at the food bank, learning aspects of food insecurity distribution at a basic level. The program would do several positive things for the surrounding communities of Tenino and Bucoda. Students that identify as special needs graduate from high school between 18 and 21 and are faced with minimal resources to obtain meaningful part-time work within Tenino and Bucoda. Our communities do not have the business to support these individuals and their job coaches along with the lack of transportation is daunting, leaving them little hope for employment. Finally, the lack of jobs causes these individuals tremendous damage to their mental and physical health. This program will allow those coming out of Tenino High School in the special education department that identifies with special needs to obtain part-time employment, hands-on training, and a nurturing environment within the Tenino City limits. Giving these folks the ability to work, learn, and be productive members of our community. The students/graduates would learn how to properly sort canned goods for storage and distribute them at the food bank, sort and learn about fresh fruit and vegetables, and bag them for distribution. Tenino Community Service Center has a solid partnership with the district superintendent, the class instructors, and the multi-levels of Morningside employment. Tenino Community Service Center looks forward to expanding this program into the future.